Since there’s a physical by-product of poor Digestion (ama), there must also be an end-product of perfect digestion. Ayurveda refers to this substance as ojas and cherishes it as one of the most health-promoting agents of the body. If ama is the great enemy, ojas is the beloved partner in maintaining and improving health.
The proper digestion and assimilation of food governs the production of ojas. According to Ayurveda, ojas directly influences physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual life. One can, therefore, view ojas as the reward for eating healthfully. It’s common to use terms such as “high” and “low” to describe ojas levels.

Along with eating a balancing diet, one can increase ojas in a variety of ways. General guidelines are to love yourself and others, live a healthy lifestyle, and always take time to appreciate the joys in life. Other ways to increase ojas include:

Digestion• Laugh and smile a lot
• Take time to relax
• Meditate regularly
• Spend time in nature
• Exercise your creativity
• Offer your gifts to others
• Follow your heart’s passion
• Engage in physical activity